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noun. the act of talking; speech; conversation, especially of a familiar or informal kind. an informal speech or lecture.

a conference or negotiating session: peace talks. report or rumor; gossip: There is a lot of talk going around about her. tj hecka talked up the pokemon cards, it was so overrated.

by jimmycao April 29, 8 5. Get the mug. Get a talk it up mug for your barber Paul. 2. talk it up. Definition of talk it through in the Idioms Dictionary. talk it through phrase. What does talk it through expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Definition of talk it over in the Idioms Dictionary. talk it over phrase. What does talk it over expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

talk sth over. — phrasal verb with talk uk /tɔːk/ us /tɑːk/ verb [ I ] B2 to discuss a problem or situation with someone, often to find out their opinion or to get advice before making a decision about it: I'd like to talk it over with my wife first. The verbs speak and talk both generally mean 'say words', but there are some small differences in how they are used.

Speak is more formal than talk. Compare . talk. When you open your mouth and say something, you talk. You tell someone something, or have a conversation, or exchange information. A speech can also be called a talk. Talk is a word that's always connected to speaking. Talk over definition is - to review or consider in conversation: discuss. How to use talk over in a sentence. Dictionary Entries near talk over. talk (oneself) out of. The big powers are continuing to put pressure on the representatives of the Kosovars to agree to their proposals when talks resume in France on March Definition of talk - speak in order to give information or express ideas or feelings; converse or communicate by spoken words, have formal dealings or.


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